Where every Los Angeles, California homeless music artist receives a second chance at their dreams.  


What is REVAMP LA?

"Revamp LA” is an annual two part second chance homeless emergency solutions program created by God Over Everything Movement for Los Angeles, California homeless music artists. Part one is a twelve month recovery program entitled "Revamp to Recovery" that provides ten Los Angeles homeless music artists with housing, therapy/drug recovery assistance, job placement plus food and essentials for an entire year as they undergo our music artist development program. 


Following the completion of part one of our “Revamp to Recovery” and our music artist development program; Part two of our program gives all ten of our participants an opportunity to showcase their full transformations. All completed program participants receive full cosmetic makeovers and perform in our annual “Revamp” homeless music showcase. An intimate outdoor community music event centered around bringing more awareness to the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles through entertainment. All homeless participants receive continued treatment follow ups following our one year Revamp to Recovery program.






What is our Mission

The Homeless population in California continues to climb; Since our last “Revamp” the homeless population has risen 16% to 151,000 people as of 2020. As homeless statistics continue to grow, we become more inspired to make a change to give  California homeless individuals a second chance back into society. Revamp aims to not only give hope to the less fortunate but to also focus on and treat mental health in the LA homeless community. We believe everyone deserves a second chance at their dreams and most importantly a fresh start at life.

Despite the current Covid-19 health crisis and the postponing of our 2020 "Revamp" homeless music showcase, we can still extremely use your financial support. Our goal in the meantime is to meet our financial mark to fund our four step "Revamp to Recovery" second chance emergency treatment program below, to enable us to continue to change lives to give the massive LA homeless arts community hope.

Don't forget our Homeless during this horrible COV19 pandemic.

Revamp LA Steps to Recovery

Transitional Housing for all ten Program Participants.s.

 Therapy  Recovery treatment with licensed professionals.

1 year of financial support for Food and Essentials.  

 Job Placement  Assistance.

One year Artist Development Program

Artist Development Program 

The ten Homeless music artists selected to annually join our program receive one year of free professional music artist training and development from our music industry affiliates i.e. producers, song writers, choreographers and vocal coaches. Our Artist Development Program is a four step process that annually prepares all ten program participants to perform in our community homeless music showcase “Revamp” and aims to jump start their future music careers. See our program breakdown below, and please Donate to help us relaunch.

Identification: Joining our Program

We search the Los Angeles streets, shelters plus accept referrals to find and audition, talented homeless music artists with impactful stories that are looking to transform their lives. We offer ten special homeless music artists a second chance at their dreams as well as spiritual and mental health recovery through our second chance program.



One on one sessions to establish and refine all ten homeless music artists artistic direction and vocal sound.



Photo shoot and bio testimonial filming about their distinct lives experiencing homelessness as a music artist. One on one development and song writing sessions begin.

Write & Develop


One on one sessions to continue to develop their sound and write their songs with our Music Industry Producers and Songwriting affiliates.

Record & Perform


Intimate sessions recording their single’s in studio. Stage presence development with experienced choreographers.

Revamp LA Merchandise




Your DONATION will help support our cause for Only $20!

As we continue to battle homelessness in LA and the impact that it has on all individuals. We can't neglect the statistics that expose racism being the reason why Black people are disproportionately homeless in the U.S. Check out our new Revamp Bandanas. We have two colors available with printed lettering "Revamp Black Wall Street". Donate now and wear yours in multiple styles as you make a statement to Revamp black wealth and ownership in the United States to help fight the war on poverty.

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Artist Testimonial 

Revamp music competition helped change my life, they helped me get back on my feet and gave me hope to one day reunite with my son"

Past Festival Winner - Antonio Lamar 

Antonio moved to Los Angeles to follow his music dreams of becoming a rapper in the early 2000's leaving behind the mother of his child and his new born son. Upon his arrival he hit the LA club music scene running and eventually lands a production deal with DMX's production company the "Ruff Ryders". After receiving the production deal his focus became less on the music and more on his new lifestyle of partying, women and drugs. He eventually lost the production deal and hit the clubs once again performing, with hopes of getting another deal. After months of recording and performing he eventually became homeless, sleeping on the streets and couch surfing.

Through these struggles Antonio realized that family was most important not a rap career. Unfortunately after fifteen years of un-stability, Antonio's son; Antonio Jr. no longer  wants to keep in contact with his father despite Antonio Sr.'s several attempts.   Antonio dreams of one day reuniting with his son now that he is stable, to finally have a face to face talk with him.

We need your help to make this dream come true of reuniting Antonio with his son after fifteen years. Please click below to find out ways to support.



Our program is currently in need of donations, sponsors and organizations to partner with.

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